Hydro Physical Dynamic Flow Water Treatment
It is world wide accepted that the most valuable and important nourishment on earth is clean drinking water. Water is not an endless source or freely available to all. The purification of water is therefore daily getting more significant and of greater importance for human life and health. Today one is by all means aware of the fact that even small amounts of artificially caused contaminations (chemical, organics as well as of physical origin) can have a considerable effect on the ecological environment. We are obliged to preserve natural clean water for coming generations. Therefore the protection of the precious resource "drinking water" as well as the responsibility to maintain its quality must be given extreme high priority.

This was the reason for our company to look for ways of cleaning polluted water and micro biological contaminated water as well as to secure good water quality for further applications, featuring:
  • ecologically acceptable
  • effective continuous operation
  • economically and low maintenance cost

    The AQUA HP-SYSTEM is a new innovative technique and development to reduce microbiological contamination to an absolute minimum and prevent the breeding of new fungus / germs respectively. The knowledge of the specific physical-chemical relations of water was consequently evaluated and implemented into the development of a new hydro flow dynamic technology.
    The AQUA HP-SYSTEMis the result of an extensive research development project. An unique design concept was completed and successfully implemented in industrial applications and operational practice.

  • Aqua HP-System Typ K1